My husband and I were thinking about moving In the new year (after we had our second child) but we knew we needed to start looking sooner than later. We had 5/6 months until our new addition arrived. And thought we would be moving with a new born. So it began. Chris would send us link after link of houses that were amazing but we definitely weren't "feeling" them. We went to look at quite a few houses, all over the place. Some were even 45 minutes away. We spent many days checking houses out. Bringing our 1 year old with us. Chris was very patient. We would walk into a house and just say no, let’s go. Over and over. But then he found this house, which was just over our price range and out of our location. We fell in love. So we put an offer in. After going back and forth we got the price lowered into our price range. It happened much sooner than we expected. We would be moving in October! We now needed to sell our house and fast. Chris showed us what to fix up to help our house sell. And it sold quickly. Thank goodness. If it wasn't for Chris I do not think that our move would have been as smooth as it was. He showed us this website you use to help you pack, rent a truck, get movers, change address for all your bills, mail forwarding etc. This was amazing. It eliminated so much stress. He was there every step of the way. Answering any questions or concerns we had. With the buying/selling of a property. We cannot thank Chris enough for all the time and effort he put in to help us find our "forever" home.

The Kruegers 🙂